Key Benefits of Having a Sewer Camera Inspection

Technician looking at a video monitor of a sewer camera inspection

Having a thorough plumbing inspection is an excellent way to maintain peace of mind knowing that all pipes on your property are in good condition. At Total Drain Solutions, a combination of tried-and-tested methods as well as innovative techniques to look into all our clients’ plumbing lines and determine if any underlying issues exist.

From the go-to name for sewer camera inspection services in Las Vegas, NV, are some of the benefits clients get from having a sewer camera inspection.


This is the main reason we provide sewer video inspection services. Doing so allows us to identify the pipes’ exact extent and location while giving us a good view of the nature of the issue. As a result, we know the best solution for the problem and don’t have to dig up large sections of the lawns to get to the problem.


Since we don’t have to dig up any trench to examine the pipes, we leave our client’s property in the same condition we found it. There is also no risk posed by the equipment we would have used to dig during the plumbing inspection procedure.


A camera drain inspection is fast, easy, and does not require any complicated equipment. We also don’t need a lot of permits to conduct it as we would have if we needed to dig up the lawn. This makes this method more affordable than other inspection methods because of the simplicity of the process.

By having a pipe camera inspection, we can help our clients determine the exact location and nature of their plumbing issues. Total Drain Solutions offers the services you need to keep a healthy sewer system. With 50 years of combined experience from our employees, the best technology, proper licensing, and dedication, we’re sure to give you the most bang for your buck.

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