Top-Notch Commercial Services

At Total Drain Solutions, we offer specialized services for all types and sizes of commercial and industrial buildings. From factories and warehouses to multi-story offices and mixed-use buildings, our trusted experts are sure to provide you with work done right the first time.

A Full Suite of Commercial Services

We perform specialty services for all businesses. Our licensed crew can rehabilitate and maintain complex pipe systems.

  • We apply an inert, tough, and long-lasting coating onto the interior of pipes and sewer laterals. This coating protects the pipe's interior from corrosion caused by hard water, alkaline and acidic substances, and bacteria.

  • This involves installing a new pipe within the existing pipe. We offer this service for pipes made of clay, concrete, cast iron, PVC, and more. Pipe lining lasts for 50 years.

  • Our experts use drain snakes and augers to cut through obstructions. Our mechanical cleaning of pipes and drains removes grease, scale, solid waste, and tree roots.

  • We use pressurized water to push debris out of sewer laterals and pipes. Our hydro jetting service works for tree roots, grease, oil, and solid waste.

  • Using our patented Sovent cleaning process, we maintain and clean single-stack drain systems in high-rise buildings. We utilize existing access points for fast and cost-effective results.

  • Our in-depth inspections allow our team to see the pipe's interior in real-time. We use inspections to diagnose problems and select the best rehabilitation method.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, Total Drain Solutions is here to restore your complex commercial piping system. We operate with integrity and treat each client with respect. Our top-notch craftsmanship, best practices, and leading-edge technology make us the right choice for your commercial needs.


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