Our Extensive Range of No-Dig Services

When your home or business has a damaged or clogged pipe, count on the expert team at Total Drain Solutions to fix it. Our specialists have more than 50 years of combined experience in solving all types of drain and pipe issues. We operate with integrity and use the industry's best practices and technology.

Providing Quality Solutions Without the Hassle

We offer customized pipe rehabilitation for home and business owners. We rehabilitate and repair all types of commercial drains and pipes. We also offer residential services that include restoration of residential sewer drains, laterals, and pipes. Our team provides detailed written estimates, and we answer all of your questions. Upon project completion, we thoroughly clean the work area and restore it to its original condition. Contact us whenever you need:

  • We apply pipe coatings to corroded and abraded pipes. This creates a smooth interior that resists further corrosion and damage.

  • Another no-dig method that involves installing a new pipe within the old pipe. The new pipe consists of a strong liner that bonds with the old pipe, creating a seamless interior.

  • Our mechanical pipe cleaning utilizes professional-grade augers and drain snakes. Their tough blades cut through thick tree roots and other clogs in pipes.

  • Benefit from a powerful cleaning method that clears all types of obstructions in pipes. We remove tree roots, grease, oil, solid waste, and more, leaving behind completely clean pipes.

  • We take pride in our patented Sovent cleaning process. This is a method that completely takes care of the issues that are affecting the full functionality of single-stack drainage systems in commercial settings.

  • In-depth video inspections provide us with details about the extent, type, and location of pipe obstructions and damage.


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We look forward to providing you with thorough and cost-effective pipe rehabilitation. Our skilled team gets the work done right the first time, and we use excellent craftsmanship on every project. For a no-obligation professional estimate or to schedule any of our services, contact us at Total Drain Solutions today.