A Nevada-based Sewer and Drain Company You Can Count On

At Total Drain Solutions, we're committed to meeting the sewer and drain service needs of a wide range of residential and commercial clients. We are located in Las Vegas and service the entire state of Nevada, particularly:

  • Spring Valley
  • Paradise
  • Rancho
  • Enterprise
  • Centennial Hills
  • Sunrise Manor

The Professional Services We Provide

We offer a wide range of professional services to provide you with the quick solutions you need.

  • Sovent vertical stack piping is utilized for wastewater collection in many high-rise apartments, resorts, medical facilities, office buildings, and manufacturing complexes as well as in other multi-story commercial structures. These single-pipe systems require special attention when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, and our skilled personnel are prepared to provide it.

  • Modern trenchless pipe lining services are ideal for restoring old or damaged lines to like-new condition without the need for destructive, time-consuming excavation, and replacement.

  • When your sewer line has minor leaks or corrosion but is otherwise strong and structurally sound, trenchless sewer repair is a great way to resolve the issue.

  • A detailed sewer camera inspection performed by a skilled member of our crew can provide reliable information about the conditions inside your sewer line in just a few minutes.

  • Our drain cleaning services will ensure that your pipes always flow smoothly by removing grease, food scraps, and other common drain-blocking materials.

  • Whether your pipes are obstructed by tree roots, soil, grease, or other discarded items, we can safely eliminate the problem using one of our proven pipe cleaning methods.

  • If we find that minor repairs or resealing are all that your sewer pipe needs, we may be able to apply a specially designed coating to the area through an existing drain or connection point.

  • If the problems with your drains or sewer piping require the use of a snake or the implementation of another mechanical cleaning method, our team is equipped and prepared to handle the work.

  • Hydro jetting utilizes the power of pressurized water to clean out even stubbornly blocked sewer lines. This makes hydro jetting safe for use on almost every kind of piping.

  • Whether you own a small starter home or a palatial estate, our crew can tailor our cleaning and repair approach to meet your needs.

  • We're always happy to scale up our standard cleaning and repair services for the benefit of all types of commercial clients.

Our Diverse Client Base

Our services are extremely helpful for local homeowners as well as for the owners and managers of:

  • High-rise condominiums and apartment buildings

  • Private and governmental office complexes

  • Hotels, resorts and casinos

  • Hospitals and medical care facilities

  • Senior living communities

  • Public and private schools

  • Municipal stormwater collection systems

Our primary service areas cover the states of Florida and Nevada, but we're always willing to travel throughout the United States to work on larger projects. Regardless of the size or location of your project, however, you can be sure of receiving the same dedication and strict attention to detail every time.

Why Choose Total Drain Solutions

We always put the interests of the client ahead of everything else. Our experienced personnel will communicate honestly with you about the scope of your project and will make certain that our work meets or exceeds your expectations before we consider the job complete.


Let Us Meet Your Drain Needs

We here at Total Drain Solutions are standing by to earn your business and your trust, so don't hesitate to contact us today if your property could benefit from our professional services!