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Licensed and insured, Total Drain Solutions is proud to be a leader among pipe lining companies in Las Vegas, NV. As one of our highly valued residential and commercial clients you can expect timely, detail-oriented service at reasonable rates. We further keep the needs of our clients in mind with technology that minimizes costs and optimizes results.

Minimally Invasive Services and More

We take pride in addressing a host of issues and needs in the local area. Consult our team when in need of:

  • Trenchless Pipe Lining Las Vegas, NV
  • Trenchless Sewer Repair Las Vegas, NV
  • Sewer Camera Inspection Las Vegas, NV
  • Sovent Cleaning Las Vegas, NV
  • Brush Coating Las Vegas, NV
  • Mechanical Cleaning Las Vegas, NV
  • Hydro Jetting Las Vegas, NV
  • Residential Services Las Vegas, NV
  • Commercial Services Las Vegas, NV
  • Get more life from your existing pipes with trenchless pipe lining. Our technicians use exclusive NuFlow technology and products to restore pipes internally with an extremely durable new coating.

  • Say goodbye to sewer line worries with trenchless sewer repair. It's a cost-effective and highly reliable way we restore and revive aging or damaged sewer lines without digging.

  • Our technicians use specially designed cameras to non-intrusively look inside sewer lines. The results of our sewer camera inspection identify any debris, blockages, or structural flaws requiring prompt, expert attention.

  • Single-stack Sovent systems are a highly efficient way to streamline drainage in many buildings. If this is the type of system you rely on for your facility, hotel, or business, give us a call to schedule an urgent or routine Sovent cleaning.

  • A special chemical-resistant material is added to existing pipes with brush coating. It's a quick-and-easy application that reduces issues with corrosion, mineral scale buildup, and other destructive processes.

  • This is a highly effective way to break up debris and quickly restore flow. If you're noticing reduced or slow flow or similar signs you may benefit from mechanical cleaning, give us a call.

  • Get rid of roots and other stubborn debris sources quickly and in a chemical-free, environmental-friendly way with hydro jetting. Highly pressurized water is safely used to completely and safely clear pipes with results that last.

  • All your residential sewer and drain needs in Las Vegas, NV, are quickly and affordably taken care of when you call Total Drain Solutions. Same-day service options are available for your added convenience.

  • Let our team manage and service your more complex commercial pipe systems in Las Vegas. We give our commercial clients affordable access to leading-edge technology and sensible, budget-pleasing solutions with long-term value.

Why Choose Total Drain Solutions

We bring more than 50 years of combined industry experience to each job we do for our clients in Las Vegas, NV. Getting it done right the first time is what we do best for our residential and commercial clients. Feel just as good about working with us if you prefer first-rate service that includes:

  • The best available technology and processes

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Upfront, fair pricing

  • Fine craftsmanship and attention to detail


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