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After years of daily use, residential and commercial drains and pipes may experience significant buildup. This buildup obstructs the flow of wastewater and inhibits your ability to use your fixtures. At Total Drain Solutions, we offer cost-effective mechanical cleaning to clear debris and buildup out of sewer lines, laterals, and pipes so that you can enjoy a properly functioning system.

A Look at Mechanical Cleaning

Mechanical cleaning involves the use of a cutting head with blades. A hydraulic or electric pump powers the motor that moves the head through the pipe. The heads and blades come in a range of sizes. The blades cut through tough debris and scour the interior of the pipe, resulting in a clean pipe with a full capacity for wastewater.

A mechanical cleaning solves many issues in pipes and drains, including:

  • Tree roots
  • Grease
  • Hair and soap buildup
  • Mineral scale

How We Perform Mechanical Cleaning

To mechanically clean a pipe, we may need to perform a video inspection first. This allows us to see where obstructions are located. It also allows us to measure the interior diameter of the pipe. We require one access point for the cutting head, such as a sewer clean-out or drain vent.

Benefits of Mechanical Cleaning

Mechanical cleaning avoids caustic chemicals that damage pipes. This environmentally safe process only takes one to two hours. Repeated mechanical cleanings won't harm pipes.


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