Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Definitive Results from Sewer Camera Inspection Services

At some point, a home's or business's pipes will develop a problem. Instead of digging up the entire sewer line or dismantling the whole interior of your property, however, we offer cost-effective and quick video inspections. At Total Drain Solutions, you can count on us to provide you with thorough sewer camera inspection services. They deliver the information you need about issues in your sewer and drain piping system.

A sewer video inspection involves using a waterproof high-resolution video camera to record live images of the interior of a pipe. We use it to identify the location, scope, and type of obstruction or problem in drains, pipes, sewer laterals, and more. We also perform video inspections for people who are buying or selling a home or commercial property and need information about the condition of the pipes. Video inspections inform us of what causes a problem in a pipe or drain. This information allows us to choose the best repair method for the issue. We offer sewer camera inspections in:

How We Conduct Video Inspections

To conduct a pipe camera inspection, we attach a small camera to a hose powered by a hydraulic or electric pump. We insert the camera through an existing access point. The camera slowly moves through the pipe or drain. We watch the monitor to view obstructions, corrosion, collapse, and other pipe and drain problems.

Addressing Some of the Biggest Pipe Issues

Video inspections help us address many problems, including:

  • Grease and oil clogs
  • Solid waste obstructions
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Pipe collapse

Benefits of Calling Us for a Pipe Camera Inspection

A sewer or drain inspection is done with a high-resolution camera, which quickly provides an assortment of useful information. When you call Total Drain Solutions to schedule a sewer camera inspection, expect:

  • No-obligation professional estimates
  • Getting an accurate assessment of your home or business sewer lines
  • Being able to address smaller sewer issues earlier
  • Finding out for sure whether or not you need sewer repairs

Who Needs a Sewer Video Inspection?

Any property owner or manager with sewer lines requiring proper maintenance would benefit from regular sewer camera inspections and subsequently trenchless pipe lining. These inspections are also needed if you're already noticing signs of a possible sewer problem. Home or business owners with older pipes and mature trees on their property tend to need annual or seasonal sewer camera inspections as well.

Sewer Inspection FAQs


Let us Check What Is Ailing Your Pipes

We have more than 50 years of combined experience solving all types of residential and commercial plumbing problems. Our team uses the industry's best technology and processes to perform each sewer camera inspection. We finish each job right the first time, and we operate with integrity and professionalism. To schedule a video inspection or get a no-obligation price quote, contact us at Total Drain Solutions today. We specialize in: