Service Areas

One of the Leading Pipe Lining Companies in Las Vegas, NV, and Other Areas We Serve

No matter whether you own a home or business, you will need a trusted crew to handle drain, pipe, and sewer issues. At Total Drain Solutions, we provide cost-effective specialty plumbing services throughout the area. As one of the top pipe lining companies in Las Vegas, NV, and nearby areas we serve, we pride ourselves on fine craftsmanship, integrity, and getting the job done right the first time. All these make us the right choice for all of your drain and sewer rehabilitation and cleaning needs.

We serve clients in:

  • Paradise, NV
  • Rancho, NV
  • Enterprise, NV
  • Centennial Hills, NV
  • Sunrise Manor, NV

What We Do

We perform timely and thorough drain and pipe services across our service area. Our experts help home and business owners with:

  • Clean and restore your pipes without actually bringing them to the surface with trenchless pipe lining. We use patented, non-invasive NuFlow technologies to revive your existing pipes quickly and affordably.

  • Make sure that your sewer lines are restored with little fuss through a trenchless sewer repair. Our minimally invasive sewer solutions add many more years of life to existing sewer lines.

  • Find out for sure what's going on inside your pipe line by giving us a call to schedule our sewer camera inspection services. A high-resolution camera provides real-time images and a clear picture of what's going on inside your sewer lines.

  • Keep everything fully and safely flowing if you rely on a single-stack system by contacting us for regular Sovent cleaning. Our process is patented and designed to give you reliable results.

  • Add more years of strength and durability to your pipes with brush coating. An epoxy resin material is applied to existing pipes in a way that increases resistance to corrosion, tree root intrusions, and other common and costly pipe problems.

  • We quickly clear away stubborn grease, roots, and other debris with mechanical cleaning. Drain snakes and augers are used to break up unwanted materials to restore optimal flow to your residential or commercial pipes.

  • Powerful blasts of water thoroughly get rid of stubborn blockages with hydro jetting. Our technicians safely use highly pressurized water to leave you with clear pipes free of roots, scale, and other debris.

  • We address the many needs of our residential clients in Las Vegas and our nearby service areas in a timely, affordable manner with highly reliable services that keep costs in line. Regardless of what has you calling on us, rest assured our team will get the job done to your satisfaction.

  • We're equally prepared to tackle the more demanding needs of our residential clients in the area. Stay focused on your daily business or facility operations and let our experienced, well-prepared team handle your sewer and drain needs.

Helping Commercial and Residential Clients

We have more than 50 years of combined experience performing drain and sewer cleaning, restoration, and rehabilitation. We use the industry's top technology and best practices on every project. We maintain and restore office, retail, restaurant, industrial, and other commercial pipe systems. Licensed and insured, we're a leader among local pipe lining companies serving the Las Vegas area. We stand out for all the right reasons thanks to our proven ability to make advanced technology easily accessible and affordable. Homeowners, business owners, property owners, and managers working with us in any of our service areas also benefit from:

  • Upfront pricing

  • No-obligation professional estimates

  • The highest level of integrity

  • Prompt, attentive local service when it matters most