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Our Patented Sovent Cleaning

When you own or manage a high-rise building, you will have to deal with special pipe and drainage issues that are unique to multi-level structures. At Total Drain Solutions, we offer Sovent cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, and the neighboring areas. Our total pipelines proprietary system provides you and your tenants with environmentally friendly and cost-effective results that last. We serve:

Sovent systems streamline the drainage process with convenient venting via a single stack. These systems are especially beneficial in multi-story buildings at least five-plus stories high. At Total Drain Solutions, we take care of the Sovent system cleaning requirements necessary to keep everything flowing as intended.

Why Is a Sovent System a Better Solution?

  • Single-stack systems are extremely versatile
  • Onsite pre-fabrication is easier
  • It's a virtually maintenance-free system
  • Ideal for labs, hotels, high-rises, and industrial facilities
  • It's environmentally friendly since fewer materials are needed for the system – which could help with LEED certification
  • These systems are great space-savers

A Brief Look at Sovent Cleaning

Sovent cleaning refers to the process of cleaning these specially designed systems. We do this is a way that's non-intrusive since an existing access point is used. Special tools are used by our technicians serving clients in Las Vegas, NV, and nearby areas to remove grease, oil, scale, and other accumulations from the stack and laterals.

Single-stack Sovent systems ensure appropriate and environmentally sound drainage for laboratories, high-rise commercial and residential buildings, hotels and industrial facilities. These versatile systems offer flexibility for construction and design, but they cannot simply be cleaned through traditional pipe cleaning methods.

Fortunately, we developed a specialized process for cleaning these systems. Total Drain Solutions has the perfect approach to Sovent cleaning needs. Our patented solution is the answer to the specific requirements of our commercial clients.

How We Perform Sovent Cleaning

To clean Sovent systems, we use existing access points throughout the structure. We don't have to cut into walls, ceilings, or floors to access the stack. Our process involves the use of specially designed tools to clean biological buildup, grease, oil, and mineral scale from the laterals and vertical stack.

Benefits of Our Patented Cleaning Process

Routine Sovent cleaning extends the system's lifespan. It also minimizes the risk of a leak. Keeping up with professional cleaning eliminates foul odors, slow drains, and backups that could damage the building. Our eco-friendly process preserves or helps you attain LEED certification and sustains "green" building features.

Issues We Address

We address a wide range of single-stack drainage system-specific issues through our Sovent cleaning process. We handle common high-rise plumbing issues including slow drains, drain backups, leaks, gurgling, foul odors, air pressure problems, and reduced pipe capacity.

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Total Drain Solutions offers more than 50 years of combined specialized plumbing experience. We operate with integrity and get the job done right the first time. We use the best technology and process in our Sovent cleaning services. For more information or to receive a no-obligation estimate, contact us today.