Reasons To Avoid Off-the-Shelf Chemical Drain Cleaners

person pouring a bottle of chemical drain cleaner

For some homeowners, the automatic reaction to a clogged drain is to reach for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner. These products are advertised as a quick and effective solution to your drain clog problem, but there are some drawbacks and potential risks that come with using them.

As the trusted team for expert drain cleaning in Venice, FL, Total Drain Solutions shares several important reasons to exercise caution when using these off-the-shelf chemical products.

They’re Often Ineffective

Chemical drain cleaners may offer a temporary fix to the issue, but they usually don’t address the underlying problem. There are many types of clogs that these cleaners cannot tackle and can even cause additional damage if used too often or in an incorrect manner. Instead of taking a gamble and spending money on these products, it’s better to rely on professional drain cleaning services that actually work.

They’re Potentially Hazardous

Many of these chemical drain cleaners are highly caustic and require special safety precautions when handling them. The fumes from these products are often toxic and irritating to the eyes, nose, and skin. In addition, some of these chemicals can even react if mixed together (especially if you use one after the other when the blockage wouldn’t budge), which could result in an explosion or fire hazard. Professional plumbers can utilize hydro jetting and other safer methods to remove tough clogs.

They Can Damage Your Pipes & Fixtures

Although tackling a clogged drain on your own is tempting, these chemical drain cleaners can be too harsh for your pipes and fixtures. The corrosive nature of the chemicals can damage PVC or metal plumbing over time and may even cause leaks to develop.

It’s best to steer clear of off-the-shelf chemical cleaners and let the professionals handle your drain-related issues. Total Drain Solutions is a drain cleaning company with the expertise and knowledge to take care of any clog in your home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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