Reasons to Have Trenchless Repairs Over Traditional Methods

Trenchless equipment

Homeowners and business owners continually explore more efficient ways to maintain and repair their homes to save money. Trenching is a time-tested but costly method for improving sewage systems. To reach the sewer lines, you have to dig a trench. The good news is that Total Drain Solutions offers trenchless sewer repair in Las Vegas, NV, which is less invasive and far less expensive.

Here are why trenchless repairs are far better than traditional methods.


One of the most significant advantages of trenchless pipe repair is time savings. Using traditional methods necessitates digging trenches to access the broken sewer line. Assuming the pipe is buried several feet underground, this is a challenging and time-consuming task. With trenchless repair, the sewer line gets repaired without digging.


Compared to traditional repair methods, trenchless pipe replacement has lower upfront expenditures. In the past, sewer system repairs required digging trenches to reach the underlying infrastructure; the broken line was immediately removed and replaced with a new one. Due to the labor-intensive nature of this technique, the cost is relatively expensive.

Less Intrusive

Trenchless sewer replacement methods do not necessitate digging up the ground. Trenches must be dug if the sewage system requires traditional repair techniques. After digging, broken components are removed and replaced with new ones. Trenchless repairs cause less property and landscaping damage because they do not require digging.

A trenchless sewer line repair procedure has massive benefits over more standard approaches. If you are looking for a way to repair your sewer line that is more cost-effective and less invasive than conventional procedures, then trenchless repairs are your best option.

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