The Distinct Advantages of Choosing Epoxy Pipe Lining Solutions

Damaged pipe being lined

The longevity, structural stability, and strength of pipes depend largely on the quality of materials used as well as how religiously you stick to maintenance routines. Pipes do not last forever. You typically have two alternatives whenever they start to leak: remove the pipes or fix them to further extend their longevity.

As the premier name for trenchless pipe lining in Las Vegas, NV, we at Total Drain Solutions have a wealth of experience with various pipe rehabilitation methods. Here, we will take a look at epoxy pipe lining and its distinct advantages.


Most reputable pipe lining companies choose epoxy as a binding substance for their pipe restoration projects. It is a cheap alternative to pipe replacement.It is also more economical than restoring all the damaged pipes. Because the constructor frequently needs to dismantle wall panels, floors, or base parts to reach the piping, pipe repair necessitates considerable reconstruction. Epoxy repairs remove most of the laborious demolition and repair procedures.

Coating Eradicates Leaks

Copper pipe spills are typically fixed with epoxy lining treatments. However, CIPP pipe lining efficiently stops all leakage and prolongs the lifespan of the pipes. Epoxy that has been appropriately put in and maintained can last up to 100 years. The water quality is improved because the epoxy coating removes the dangers of rusted piping.

Low Time Consumption

Pipe repair can take a long time since it necessitates too much structural demolition. However, epoxy pipe lining is finished quite quickly. A contractor may complete the coating procedure in four days. While job completion may vary depending on factors such as pipe condition and difficulty of navigation, it is a quick solution that can help you get back to your daily routine.

Leaky pipes can put your home at risk in a variety of ways. Let Total Drain Solutions handle your sewer pipe lining needs as soon as you discover a leak. To get a quotation, get in touch with us today!


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