What Is Mechanical Cleaning For Drains And How Does It Work?

Plumber drain cleaning a bathtub with a plumbers snake Venice, FL

Drain cleaning in Venice, FL is both for preventive maintenance and resolving different types of blockages. One of these methods is mechanical cleaning using specialized drain snake devices. It is an effective method to clear blockages and restore proper flow in plumbing systems.

How Mechanical Drain Cleaning Works

Drains can become clogged with debris, grease, or other substances over time. Buildups can also develop and form stubborn blockages. Mechanical cleaning techniques are effective in dislodging these obstructions.

Mechanical drain cleaning services use specialized tools and equipment to remove blockages from drain pipes. The most common method is a drain snake, also known as an auger, which is a flexible cable with a rotating coil at one end.

The plumber inserts the drain snake into the affected drain and rotates it by hand or with a motorized device. As the snake moves through the pipe, the coil breaks up the obstruction, allowing water to flow with no obstructions.

Heavy-Duty Tools

For more stubborn clogs or larger blockages, plumbers use heavy-duty mechanical cutting tools attached to the end of a drain snake. It has small blades at the end that cut through different types of blockages inside drain pipes.

Mechanical cutting is effective in clearing a clogged drain without the need for more invasive methods. It is the best method to rip out localized blockages and hardened buildups. You can use this method against tree roots, mineral deposits, and solid obstructions. These cutting tools break apart obstructions that are resistant to traditional augers.

In addition to these devices, plumbers may also use hydro jetting. It uses high-pressure water jet streams that blast pressurized water into the drain line. It is effective in removing and flushing away stubborn clogs and grease buildup. This method is more often used in grease layers and minor buildup, and as a maintenance tool to prevent them.

Regular and heavy-duty mechanical cleaning tools can remove the source of bad blockages. Use them against pipe issues and for regular preventive maintenance. Call Total Drain Solutions when hard drain issues demand hard and heavy-duty solutions that work. Entrust it to the professionals only.


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