What Makes Trenchless Pipe Lining the Ideal Choice?

Trenchless pipe lining before and after

Trenchless pipe lining is a modern method of repairing or replacing underground pipelines with minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape. This technique uses a special lining system consisting of a strong and resilient polyester resin tube inserted into the existing pipeline and cured against the inner wall.

According to Total Drain Solutions, the following are reasons why trenchless pipe lining in Henderson NV, is the ideal choice:

Cost Savings

Trenchless pipe lining is much more cost-effective than open trenching as there’s no need to dig up the entire length of the pipeline, saving on labor costs and materials. This method also significantly reduces the overall project time, which in turn saves more money.

Minimal Disruption

As only two small access points are needed, trenchless pipe repair usually causes minimal disruption to the surrounding area. In comparison to open trenching, pipe lining companies cause fewer disturbances to pedestrian and vehicle traffic and a decrease in damage to other infrastructure.

Environmentally Friendly

As no excavation is required, CIPP pipe lining creates little environmental disturbance and significantly lower carbon emissions. It is an ideal pipe repair or replacement solution for homeowners who prefer green alternatives.

Long-Lasting Solution

CIPP sewer pipe lining results in a strong, long-lasting solution. This method of construction offers a higher level of protection from corrosion, root intrusion, and other external factors that can damage pipelines over time. The resin tube is also able to withstand more pressure than other traditional methods.

Quick Installation

As there is no need to dig up the entire pipeline length, epoxy pipe lining has a much faster installation period than open trenching. This makes it ideal for areas with heavy traffic or highly developed landscapes where traditional construction methods would be too disruptive. This also reduces project time and labor costs.

Trenchless pipe lining is a pipe repair or reinstatement procedure that is a preferred choice in many projects due to its numerous advantages. Reach out to us at Total Drain Solutions today for more information regarding trenchless pipe lining and how it can benefit your project!


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